Apr 29, 2021

Sarah Cain

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Protesters who were hunted down by the Biden administration following the Save America rally in Washington, D.C., on January 6th, have been placed in solitary confinement without reason, and are being subjected to savage beatings by jail guards. The Republican politicians refuse to even speak about the treatment that their own people are getting for supporting them. The boundless betrayal by the Republican Party is complete. They stand for nothing, as torture and political persecution have become official policies in the U.S. like some God-forsaken banana republic. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren has become the voice of reason, of mercy, and a champion of the U.S. Constitution. This is actually happening.

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  • I'm really starting to think war is the only way out of this, revolutionary war. The federal government is already at war with us.

  • The government has been tyrannical and cruel for over a year now. More or less to everyone. Not for any crimes committed but to keep us from getting sick--they claim.

  • Whites are bottom of the totem pole in our prisons. "Systemic racism", right. DC prisons are famous for being the worst. The rioters are being punished for being white supremacists by the Zionist Administration. Jewish Supremacism. I doubt Biden has much to do with it. Truth and facts have nothing to do with it. This is Zion. We are the Palestinians. Why? Because the Jews say so.

  • I strongly believe the only reason for Elizabeth Warren to say what's she's saying about the torture of the January 6th protesters comes down to a cabal of five people whose last names are Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, and Wolfowitz. The policy of torturing election protesters is no better than a regurgitation of the torture policies of the neocon Bush presidency that were brought in as a result of 9-11.

  • I like Sarah and her videos, the focus here is misplaced on the isolation. The correct focus here should have been on the fact they were rounded up, that the far left rioting of BLM & Antifa is pardoned, the constitutional guaranteed right to a fair and speedy trial is not being observed (this applies to all imprisoned for anything), but the solitary confinement is not an issue here. The reality is that if you have ever spent any time behind bars, for a thinking person, at times it is a constant challenge NOT to kill somebody. So you live in constant fear of not being able to NOT kill somebody and thus never regaining the tattered remains of freedom that our corrupt government allows us here on the outside. Solitary confinement may very well be your fantasy if you ever find yourself locked up with actual animals. Try to imagine yourself placed in a cage with Lions, Tigers, & Bears oh my... At some point you may find yourself simply trying to survive and wishing you had a chance for solitary confinement. In fact I would argue that SOLITARY CONFINEMENT should be a HUMANE option offered to anybody WE THE PEOPLE plan to cage like an animal. By law, I do believe that should be an option made available to prisoners. If you have ever been locked in a cage by corrupt law enforcement for something you didn't do, and if you have ever been locked into a tiny cage with a lunatic wacked out on meth... Yea, you people crying about this solitary confinement are a little clueless about being locked up... If you are going to lock me in a cage, please give me solitary confinement and throw in a computer, oh buddy, free food, free room, the fact that wackadoodle Elizabeth Warren wants them released into General Population should be a red flag for anybody paying attention... As for the guy's being beaten by guards, those guards that are doing this to the prisoners need to be exposed and brought to justice either through the justice system or through WE THE PEOPLE outside the system. These are just my opinions, for what they are worth...

  • I was only vaguely aware that this maltreatment was going on. Thanks for bringing this into the light. Also, I had not considered that Republicans actually BENEFITTED from being the opposition. I had just dismissed them as worthless incompetents. Your insights into this explain a LOT. Wish I could do more, but I am sending you my $100 - this is your most insightful and informative presentation to date. I will also forward this to my friends and see if we can light up some of these useless parasite republican politicians and get them to do something. You are a gem! Thank you so much Sarah! Keep the faith!

    Tennessee Sam

  • A new party by the People

  • They all must be replaced and where does it say they can only run American Elections but the people can because they are the ultimate law if applied by them but apparently are too willing to ignore and think they will fizzle out must really think again

  • The left is unhinged and full of hatred and bile.

  • They are Political Prisoners, guilty of supporting the wrong candidate. Judge Emmet Sullivan was the same judge that held General Flynn's case in judicial perpetuity. By all appearances, he was determined to make an example out of Flynn so when he says he's going to look at it, that's probably worse than solitary confinement.

  • We really need to start getting into our own community school boards and City counsel. Start in your own town. Lets take it back. Pray for the ones in jail right now from Jan 6th.

  • All Trump supporters

  • They're so out of touch the American people, with their lavish lifestyles, how could they represent us?

  • Great video. It's been almost 4 months. Most of them should be glad that they are kept out of general population, as cruel and inhumane as it may seem, it just might keep them alive and safe. I'm pleased to see that you are becoming aware that our president & congress are merely employees of those that hold real power.

  • Thank you Sarah! No one else is covering this.

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