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Victory Against Woke Library
Aug 16, 2022

Sarah Cain

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...



When a library in Michigan insisted on including graphic LGBT books for children, the people of the town decided to take action, and defunded the library. This is how we fight back.

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  • I am new to Gab TV. This site is brilliant! I love the fact that we now have some form of freedom of speech left. Miss Sarah I stumbled across one of your videos while thumbing around, forgive my poor Grammer but you are fact based. I also respect you for openly sharing your religious beliefs! Although we do not share the same I applaud you, in a day an age where so many people sale out I do agree that Jesus Christ is King. Keep up the good fight sister! Stay with your zeal. I look forward to future videos...

  • Sara, it's sounds like you are deliberately suppressing your lovely British accent. If you aren't, then perhaps I am drawing incorrect conclusions, but if you are-STOP IT. Your voice was/is lovely as it was.

  • Great to see you still doing your thing sara, well done. kind regards david what knew u from disclose tv.:-)

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  • This is incredible news! It is always fantastic to make a big difference like this in your local town!

  • It's a shame that the political process takes so long (when it comes to do something truly good for all)...
    It may be best someone check out those books and put them where they belong, flushed down the toilet.
    Barnes & Nobles has had that done to their vile garbage, and evidently that is the most effective way to get them to stop targeting the innocent.

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  • Why is it that decent and moral people are at the bottom, while the disgusting perverts rule?

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