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White? Don't Dare Volunteer.
Jul 07, 2022

Sarah Cain

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...



Ever thought that white people could do no right? That they shouldn't exist in public spaces, even in volunteer work? You're not alone. A recent leftist complaint is that the over-representation of white people in volunteer work must be fixed. Seriously.

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  • Another great rant and important topic. Thanks!

  • White people: Stop volunteering to help anyone other than our own race! Whites should not spend a penny or a moment of time on charity for other races; it's a one-way street, and they'll never be satisfied. Non-Whites need to learn self-sufficiency instead of throwing tantrums for free stuff.

  • It boils down to this : Whites are educated and obey the laws of the land ( for the most part )..... Blacks are uneducated, violent and reactive and it is their problem..... It is not a white mans emergency for a black persons screw up.....

  • ites because the global plan is to destroy whites and enslave minorities

  • Beautiful as ever. Maid of Loraine.

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