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Why So Many Surrendered to the Oligarchy (with Dr. Thaddeus Kozinski)
Aug 24, 2022

Sarah Cain

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...



Dr. Thaddeus Kozinski and The Crusader Gal discussed how our society descended into a totalitarian hell under the auspices of fighting covid, why people were so willing to go along with the lies, and what that says about the state of our society as well as the Church.

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  • Is Thaddeus related to Theodore, aka the Unabomber? He looks like him.

  • We certainly have shortchanged our souls, forgetting its powerful effect on mind and body. That's why the apostle John wrote "that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul (3 John 1:2)."

  • Very nice discussion

  • People injected with biological experiments are spreading among other people. U.S. military is spraying chemicals in our skies. Bill Gates is releasing biological experiment mosquitoes. This is outrageous. They are conducting these things without our consent, without giving us freedom of choice. These are crimes.

  • Biological test subjects were left to roam free among the people. They were supposed to be isolated. They are the ones whom are the danger to everyone else. They are the irresponsible, selfish, threats to public health and safety. That should never have been done.

  • What is happening is the liberal are hateful, and they are seizing an opportunity to fulfill their hearts desires and dominate and hurt people. They are full of hate. They are bullies. They are narcissists. They are absolutely NOT trying to be moral or ethical.

  • The people within religions whom commit the cruelty are hypocrites, frauds, phonies, They are the same as the liberal with the fraudulent rules, fake science, tyrannical totalitarian domination. They pretend to have the moral high ground.

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  • Why does Gab block comments relative to the discussion.

  • Can we remind ourselves of who was the most affected by this virus, the elderly and those with compromised Immune systems? We have been told that numbers were grossly exaggerated as anyone going into hospital with any condition had a covid test and if they came up positive they were recorded as a covid case. Many died of other conditions but were recorded as a covid death. Is it not true in any other situation a vaccine stops you from catching the very thing you are vaccinated against? Strangely with covid, you can get three vaccinations and still catch the virus multiple times and spread it. Do you trust the government? Were the vaccines ever a real thing? You got the jab but could still get covid. You got a vax passport but could still get covid. Were you being vaccinated or simply deceived? Was covid19 what they said it was? Has any of this been what they have made people believe, or have we simply been lied to? There is much evidence that we have been grievously misled as is the way of psyops the government operate. Was this an operation in mind control and power of the elites over the plebs? Please ask yourself what the fuss was about and if you were in fear WHY? I can tell you why you were scared, you have been told to be by the government and the MSM propaganda machine. Ask who is in the pockets of the drug companies, who are gaining from this, where is the money flowing from and to who. Who has got rich from this and how? Unmasked, unvaccinated, unaffected, unapologetic and staying that way with pride. I do not fear getting sick of a virus, but I am sick, of the fear and lies that we were sold non-stop 24/7. Be brave, be strong, fight for freedom, and stop complying and disobeying, we MUST stop this freedom-striping bullshit. No is powerful and we must say NO MORE, WE WILL TAKE NO MORE see this.

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