Jun 10, 2021

Sarah Cain

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As corporate America swoons over 'Pride Month', this seems like an appropriate time to re-examine how our media portrays crimes involving homosexuals, as it was their propaganda that was responsible for hate crime legislation. This report contrasts two crimes: one in which a child was the victim of two homosexual predators, and another case that was falsely presented as an anti-gay lynching. The coverage couldn't have been more different or more dishonest.

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  • Been watching Sarah for a while. And I'm always happy to see that her audience is growing. It's a slow process, but her growth is consistent. Keep up the good work Sarah.

  • Mainstein Media = Bank funded slavery disguised as communism, agenda/enemy spies opperating on US soil in sync with enemy spies throughout US government.

  • Did the mainstein media repprt that they made him gay by giving him a chemical gay maker cocktail called "BPA" made into a plastic baby bottle? Did they tell you which "tribe" was behind all that?

  • "let's talk homo" LOL

  • Matthew Shepherd is the reason why the concept "hate crime" exists at all, in American jurisprudence. Journalists get taught in school that if the want to change the world, they need a crisis. Matthew was their crisis, and the change prescribed actually came from their proffessors: a special legal category they were in love with at the time: "hate crime".

  • How to bury the real pedo story. Like when someone dies of injuries from a piano landing on their head from the 41st floor, but...they die from Covid. Good dig Sarah. MSM was invented for people most likely to want to Stockholm Syndrome.

  • Great story - really appreciate your work. Thanks for all you do.

  • πŸ€”πŸ€”β€¦. Interesting. IDK further details you provided.

  • Gays aren't always the innocent type and they hate straights just as much as they claim straights hate them and it's time both sides got seen with equal criticism and no one side being pandered too more than the other

  • thanks

  • You had the CCP Covid Virus Disease.. No such thing of Pneumonia or Flu or common cold anymore..

  • So who in your tribe is the model-builder and/or aviator? Great F-8 Crusader & Colonial Viper in this vid, & saw an old WWII Corsair in another video. Keep up the excellent work, hermana.

  • This information needs to be spread far and wide. Thank you for your calm, nonhysterical, facts-based reporting. Good luck and safety to you as you continue your work. :)

  • Good info thanks!

  • Horrendous,,,and we have this support in our schools indoctrinating our kids with drag queens..

  • WE need to start burning fagflags and push "hate crime" laws into violating first amendment laws directly. THAT will force a cultural change.

  • Sarah , I had to write a bit more . first , please be very careful of your safety , someone like you is a big threat to the Left !! Next, because you talk sabout the media , I invite you to study how the Arizona Senate was able to do a forensic audit of 2020 election, Check out the unbelievable effort that was made to stop it, ! It almost done and we are going to prove that Trump won, but you should watch how the media is going to go all out to dismiss it !!

  • I am so glad I found your site last month, You are a real important commentator for our times . I'm 70 yrs. old , retired and a veteran , and I am happy to see a young person like yourself !! I bought a T shirt " Deus Vult" on it , Thank you for your work , dont stop . America is going through it first , real attempted take over by the Leftists ! It just like a take over of some of the Central American countries , WE MUST STOP IT !! I live in Arizona and we are about to prove the 2020 election was a planned FRAUD ,and Biden is a traitor !! GOD bless you !!

  • "Let's talk homo." 'Love it!

  • πŸ‘

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