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Witches Are Writing to Your Kids
Jul 19, 2022

Sarah Cain

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...



In a world that fails to assert right from wrong, witches now write articles about occultism and degeneracy to teenagers. They're not hiding in the shadows, they're screaming in the open.

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  • The "End" is - essentially - tolerating that which will never tolerate you.

    Best of luck to all the world.

  • This is why in the ancient of days, The Healers and Wise Women kept things to themselves. These are not what real Witches do. These are fluffy bunnies who think "wicca" is a social club. The science of Witchcraft and this what ever it is they are promoting today is not real. When the shit show is over, Please don't go back to your old ways and start burning us. REal "witches" don't worship anything, and not your satan of the bible. These children are jokester's looking for attention.

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  • I just love you gurlfren. When you are my age, you will be that old lady. LOL Super good catch on this teen vogue thing. First I will say as a Christian, I've made it a point to have some knowledge of other religions. Telling young ppl to do negative hexes creates negativity onto the hexer,. These advisors are using others as sheep. No surprise there. Your observation that malicious pagans a/k/a Satanists, are recruiting young pp is spot on. Back in the '70's they worked on young ppl too. As a Christian I believe there are good Pagans who practice positivity which of course is a credit to God. Any religion that practices negativity is of Satan.

  • the entirety of western culture has been witch friendly for a very long time. The Synagogues of Satan or who claim Judaism are actually coming from ancient worshippers of Pagan Gods such as Baal, and Molech and various others. The symbolisms were so innocent with Disney who was from of one of the original 13 Illuminati families. Today with the unveiling and political correctness associated with the Transexual agenda the satanic Baphomet that is a symbol for the destruction of children and childhood. Wiccans claim not to be Satanists but only worshippers of nature or mother earth. If you dig deeper you find the classic stereotypical wicked witches do exist as well as blood sacrifice rituals. Freemasonry beliefs mimic kabbalistic Judaism and also witchcraft.

  • I searched the web for Lisa Stardust. Employed as Today show tarot card reader. Has her own web page and everywhere on social media. Whew.

  • Hello Sara. Don't wear that shirt again. Because only the top of the graphic can be seen, it doesn't look like what it should look like. Just look, and you'll see it.

  • Speaking of Knights and Crusaders... Perhaps we need a band of them to stop this evil?

  • i just look at these articles and think to myself "man who the hell eats this shit up??"

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