Jun 08, 2022

Sarah Cain

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One of the least discussed attributes of the coming dystopia is how elitists are trying to isolate people and deprive them of community by promoting AI companions. It's a degrading and dehumanizing replacement for the real community that we all need.

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  • Ahh the Japanese, the people who bring you kajiwoto, talk to A.I companions you can program yourself. Trottla, be a pdo in the comfort of your own home. << don't search if you have a weak heart. Masiro Project, tradwife replacer.

    ^ Japan just being Japan and Japan. It'll likely be gone in the next 50 years.

  • To counter this its of highest importance that communities have get together's in whole areas community clubs and family's have interest days maybe a slap up meal day go for a walk day sports day book reading day hobbies day chitchat day real ale or wines day debates day etc etc if you get my meaning the more you do this the more people if willing engage act like a human not a drone AI has its place but as you have seen above in the video that's not the way we need to be less dependent on it and use our skills and resousefullness built up by experience over the years .😃

  • I always have thought it might be fun to have a friendly robot. But yea this is pretty creepy.

  • Notice the woman with faded out babies are White. White Erasure is real.

  • Thank you very much, unfortunately this worlds heading in that direction, how sad to lose 'personal identity?'

    Don't care for that 'shit'... never will, again, thank you keep on keeping from TEXAS.

    H.AntonioNetzer Texian Shitkicker, Author-Writer of sorts.

  • Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it outit.. :) AND GOOD LUCK.:) HERE====)>

  • Reminds me of Philip K. Dick. Way worse things than lack of stuff we can own in the technocrat's dystopia. They want us ALONE. The lockdown is just a foretaste of what They want for us.

  • Nice piece. There were a couple of hundred people at my church this morning, maybe they just need someone to invite them. The people that grew up playing online games and swimming through social media their entire adolescence can not communicate with people face to face. They need help to do so. They will never find more help than God can give them, invite them to church. If you don't go to church, start. Glory to God.

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  • We wouldn't have a dystopia coming if we stopped yapping/cowering and shot the bastards.

  • I have NO friends anymore and I am happy.

  • The Japanese have this vulnerability in spades. They already don't want to reproduce. So sad. The perpetrators of this want all of us dead.

  • You be sheeple and be slaughtered.

  • some people are 24/7 stay at home carers, and their main source of social interaction is through social media. when you get a ban on social media for not being a lef'turd, you find yourself completely isolated for 30 days. that is why i now have accounts on minds, gab, and gettr to avoid the isolation of being banned.

  • Well combine a fleshlight with Siri and boston dynamic robot and you get the robot girlfriend, a ridiculous sex doll filled with neckbeard semen. Gross & creepy.

  • reminds me of my crazy theory ...

  • Pretty sure I seen some Outer Limits or Twilight Zone shows about these virtual families. Crazy stuff.

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