Jun 18, 2021

Sarah Cain

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...



Sarah discusses her own experience with YouTube's vindictiveness. She has discovered that whenever YouTube gives its video producers strikes, it's often not connected with the videos that were removed. There is unmistakably a vindictive undertone in YouTube's behavior and in its reckless enforcement of its increasingly irrational policies. The employees are surprisingly childish and emotionally unstable. Most importantly, it's quite apparent that decency won't be allowed to remain on the platform, for their mentally ill staff are ever fostering the enabling of one another's degeneracies. It really is like Sodom and Gomorrah in Silicon Valley.

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  • How did I lose my Yt channel over nothing with no warning or evidence, and "truthers" still exist? How did they murder my dad at the hospital and these "truthers" be unconcerned? Murder by healthcare not good enough? Just asking.

  • Keep fighting for us dear woman

  • Fuck YouTube.

    Ironic this is my first ever comment on

  • If your still on youtube just maybe your a snake in the grass

  • Why the hell do you even have a youtube account to begin with I avoid it like the plague. You use youtube then you support them like holding hands with the devil. Christians need to use their brains if they really are.

  • I like your content and donated to you. But I think to slam Crowder was a bit much. What evidence do you have that he orchestrated his own banning from YouTube?

  • Sara, you are dead on with the huge majority of American people, and using their own numbers more than 60 % Refused the corp. jab and over 3 quarters would not take a second jab so the overwhelming amount of Americans see exactly who is the problem people and masters of deception or at least trying to be

  • there is not one conservative channel they haven't demonitized, given strikes to or deleted, which leads me to wonder why you and all the other conservative channels don't form a coalition and found a better youtube, call it mytube or truthtube etc but make your own platform and news stations instead of allowing yourselves to be ruled by your enemies

  • Do not grow discouraged, but keep your chin up, keep a stiff upper lip, and "Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!

  • there must be an army of lib'turds scouring lamestream corporate media, looking for anything to be offended by on someone else's behalf.

  • I no longer go on youtube except to look up music videos occasionally. I don't log in at all.

  • So glad to meet you! This is the first GABtv video I've ever watch. I have a bad habit of watching YouTube, even though it sickens me to do so ever since they you-yeated Stefan Molyneux, and before that, Alex Jones. Semper Fidelis, Crusader Gal, I really like your style!

  • YouTube is utter sh*t, Sarah! Just walk away!

  • Don't eat the bugs Sarah!

  • You should consider it a badge of honor.

  • Internet social medias are Huge Battle Field. No Peace no Truce.

  • Rittenhouse made the fatal mistake of not holding a gun to a pregnant woman's belly while he robbed her under the influence of fatal fentanyl.

  • Hi Sarah, David here. Be bigger on better, that's what I say.

    Besides, who would want to join a club that does not want them as a member?

  • OF ALL THE COMMENTATORS on You Tube , You are the one that says almost exactly what I wish I had a channel to say , !

  • Well Sarah, that's quite a badge of honor - Congratulations! I don't know why they're upset, though - after all, you do wear a different blouse every broadcast.

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