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Moderna boss: mRNA jabs are rewriting the Genetic Code (Ted 2017)
May 13, 2021


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From a TEDx Beacon Street talk occurred in 2017, Tal Zaks, chief medical officer of Moderna, Inc., one pharmaceutical company manufacturer of the experimental mRNA technology injection, confirms mRNA injection for COVID-19 can change your genetic code or DNA.

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  • Regardless of what it does or does not do. I go to the CDC website and see for myself all the Vaccine Adverse Effects that have happened since they rolled this out. Over 3,000 people have died since December 2020 after getting the shot. Do we know it was the shot that killed them, no (I also don't believe in that many coincidences either). But we also dont know how effective it is because sufficient testing has not been done. Besides, on the website it states that hydroxychloroquine was affective against Sars Cov-1 and this virus I believe is suppose to be 78% identical. I think I will take my chances with a drug that has been around for 65 years and has been deemed safe. In addition, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who become known for using hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19, is now nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in addressing the coronavirus pandemic.

  • In the video, when responding to his CEO who asks the direct question, "Will It Work"? He categorically states @ 0:05:32 "That He Doesn't Know" but they "Should Try It"! He "Repeats @ 0:05:47 that "As Of Today, He Still Doesn't Know If It's Going To Work" ! Those are His Words ! But hey, If he thinks we should "TRY IT", Why not do it Globally Eh'??

  • Does all this information inside the dna of every living thing come from random mutation and natural selection...aka darwinism? Not believable.

  • I have two major issues with this approach:

    1. You have to have a protein being expressed that does not have pathologic effects unto itself. It's not just the immune response to it. Otherwise, all you're doing is re-creating the histopathologic effects of the virus itself in a eukaryotic system. It's myopic to ignore the functional aspects of the very protein you're trying to express.
    2. None of this addresses gene targeting, which has been the biggest barrier to this technology for the last 30 years.
      Yes, you can deliver it to the EVERY cell (liposomes are non-specific binders, sorry)... but when it gets there, you're talking about trying to target ONE gene amongst 3 billion lines of code. That's like delivering a letter to the Empire State Building, but not telling you what office or person it's addressed to. And if you get the wrong insertion, wrong orientation, or (lord forbid) multiple copies, you can either have an aberrantly expressed protein (way too much or too little), or end up causing a malfunction in whatever gene you inserted it randomly into (in prior gene therapy trials, this resulted in cancer for example). And you'd have to insert multiple copies, because 95% of the time, it will be inserted in silenced DNA and not expressed.

    And yes, for constitutive expression of the protein you HAVE to have incorporation into the genome, as the lifespan of mRNA in a cell is measured in MINUTES at most otherwise, making it's effect as a 'vaccine' useless.

  • When you TAMPER with DNA, you tamper with creation.... SATAN....

  • I have 2 thoughts here;

    1. Maybe he isn't/won't tell us everything so trying to make a conclusion on what he has said is futile
    2. If this vaccine is so clever, then how the heck are the pharmaceutical companies going to profit from vaccines like they do now?

    Watch this before you shoot me down...

  • Frankensteins!

  • I haven’t got the vaccine yet because I want to see how others react to it. BUT - nowhere in this video does he say that the mRNA is rewiring our genetics. This is misinformation. It’s as bad as what the democrats do. Putting out information and spinning it in a light that makes it look like it’s one way but it’s not. Just to get people to jump the bandwagon on how you feel. It’s morally and ethically wrong. This video is saving that cells are missing or they were defective (Protein) and mRNA helps to replace those cells. It transmits the information that is missing to repair the cells. This is not hurting humans, it’s helping them. Please don’t sink so low that you are now willing to spin your own perception to the truth or information. We inform and educate using accurate and correct information.

  • mRNA cannot rewrite or change DNA. It is analogous to the screen in the T-shirt silk-screening process. If you aren't familiar with it...

    1. Create a transparency.
    2. Expose the transparency onto a screen that has been coated with a light sensitive emulsion.
    3. Wash the screen, and the areas not exposed to light will rinse away, leaving the screen porous so the ink can squish through.
    4. Now you can print to a T-shirt by placing the screen on it, and squeegee ink through the screen.

    mRNA is like the part created in step #1. It is a kind of copy of the original transparency. The screen cannot change the original. It is just an intermediary to transfer the image to the T-shirt.

    I think the misunderstanding of the speaker in the video is perhaps caused by him trying to simplify the description, and not being successful. Though, I don't know if my analogy will be much better. But I am sure that GabNews should be able to find experts that they trust that can help them understand and issue a retraction.

  • Pharmaceuticals are exempt from being sued for damaging people with this mRNA. Period. I'm done. Won't play the game.

  • NO! You don't understand what mRNA does! Such a vaccine DOES NOT in any way, rewrite your DNA. Perhaps you are confused by the speaker's effort to simplify the process. Rather than rewriting DNA, mRNA is like the screen used in silk-screening for printing t-shirts.

    1. Silk-screening starts by using an original transparency. It may be created by using your computer's laser printer to print onto clear plastic, or you can even draw on the transparency with permanent markers.
    2. The next step is to make the screen itself. The screen has a special emulsion put onto it to make it sensitive to light. The transparency is laid on top of the screen. After exposing it, parts of the emulsion can be washed away, leaving clear areas where ink can later be pushed through the silk.
    3. Finally, you place the screen on top of the t-shirt, and use a squeegee to push ink through the screen.

    In this analogy, the mRNA is the screen created in step #2. It is a copy of the original transparency, though in a different form. It is an intermediary between the original transparency and the print onto the t-shirt. Note that it is not possible to use the screen to modify the original transparency. The screen can ONLY be used to make the T-shirt prints.

    Likewise, mRNA cannot be used to modify the DNA.

  • If he believes in his own work, he should have taken take the shot first.

  • Genetic alterations of the human system by injection is not a vaccine. The spike protein of a virus mutates. How do you tell the immune system to stop making the useless protein? The body is now in a state of an immunological war with that protein. Where is the return to homeostasis? Note the serious adverse events.

    Alternative: Look at the method of action of Leronlimab. A CCR5 blocker, much better, it has no serious adverse events. There is a long list of target indications to treat. However, this is slowly coming out in the media of which everyone should read up on. It is a therapeutic, not a vaccine. It saves lives.

  • I'm all for medical advancement, however, to make a fully informed decision, we, the recipients of this gene therapy must be told of ALL the information we need to know and not just the info that sounds good and beneficial. What Moderna aren't telling us is, that for the last 30 years every single big pharma company has extensively experimented with the messenger rna delivery system. And in each and every case study, it resulted in the animals being researched on, developing an exponentially more extreme and deadly over reaction to the respiratory illness when introduced to the body, than the reaction of non vaccinated animals also exposed to the respiratory disease. In fact, so deadly did it become in every animal injected with the MRNA, that when exposed to the respiratory disease, over 85% of all animals developed what's called an "extremely over enhanced immune system response' which was more deadly than the actual disease itself. This was a hurdle big pharma simply couldn't find a way to get over and as a result, ALL BIG PHARMA companies researching mRNA abandoned further funding and research into this field and deemed it far too unsafe, unstable and unpredictable to be used on humans. Taking into account the amount of needless deaths at the hands of big pharma from vax injuries, the Thalidomide scandal of children born without limbs and even after that the manufacturers continued to sell it in other countries damaging thousands more unborn babies, from carcinogenic talcum powder, the list is endless, so when a pharma company actually abandons research thats telling you something. So why then is a company who's never ever made vaccines b4, now pushing this extremely dangerous experimental gene therapy into human Guinea pigs? The Nuremberg accord clearly states that humans have the right to refuse and not be coerced or forced into accepting medical treatment, procedures on their bodies without their consent. So the next time anyone tries to socially shame or isolate you for not having been experimented on, remind them of that and scream "my body my choice" at them, you know, like the pro choicers do who think it's their right to choose to murder a full 9 month term baby by aborting after birth.

  • This happy talk about permanently modifying your DNA. How much time in this talk is devoted to examining the risks? Zero. This is Moderna's PR.

  • I can imagine this technology could be used for good in cases where it could repair genetic birth defects, but that does not mean it cannot be used for nefarious reasons, that it should be used indiscriminately, and certainly that its use should be coerced.

  • This is what happens when intellects jump off the side of the cliff while chasing after dillusion. Like designing an automatic oil change device on my car, to change oil while driving. What a dork.

  • His third example: Methylmalonic Acidemia was not about a vaccine for a virus, but a cure for a disease. He says a gene in the DNA is missing or malfunctioning ("lost or aberration") This gene causes an enzyme to be produced in the liver but due to the absence or malfunction of that gene the liver is not producing the enzyme. He said "We are now able to package this information in mRNA, with the goal of giving it as an infusion. And then having it go to the liver to replace that missing information"

  • If "nature" has selected you to be recycled - who are we to say otherwise.

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