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Social Media as Social Control.
Feb 17, 2021

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Whether planned or not, Social Media's prime current function is behavioral engineering at a massive scale. Most sites function as massive Skinner's Boxes, conditioning users to behaviors desired by those who run the sites. Part of this is inevitable, but it has certainly accelerated in recent years and will continue so long as people continue to rely on such sites.

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  • I remember learning about Skinner back in High School in the 70's. This is 100% accurate and totally what Social Media is doing. More chilling is that Television and Radio has been doing this for decades from the beginning!

    1. All of this was prefigured in "The Abolition of Man" by C.S. Lewis - re: 'The Conditioners'. Lewis, as a philosopher and educator, saw the trend and what it would produce as it was emerging.
    2. The concept of social media and global administrative controls revives the problem of Gyges' Ring from The Republic; if someone could 'do things' to groups of people, anonymously and subtly, who could possibly wield such power and remain uncorrupted by it?
  • Do your own research. Trust, but verify!

  • like the capcha's we solve are not for "security" they are actually datasets of object recondition that are given to AI so they make us program bots for free

  • I know who you are fren :)

  • Interesting.... and disturbing. People really do need to wake up and recognize how they are being manipulated! Thanks for sharing.

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