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The Gene Code Injection – an experiment on humanity - Interview with Dr. Madej
May 16, 2021


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Dr. Carrie Madej rejoins Kla.TV for a new powerful expose on the risks of the currently rolled out Covid vaccines. Since the mainstream media doesn’t speak about this and politicians around the world push restrictions on unvaccinated – can we really see dark totalitarian history repeat itself? Are there ways out of that? Watch and spread the word!


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  • 26:27 it just got really creepy

  • At 26:00ish, she states that the energy from our hearts go out about 6 feet around us. This is why we are made to social distance.

  • Hottie who is able to make you burn with desire. In two words..... Carrie Madej

  • Dr. Michael Odent has written a letter in the JAMA (1994) where his figures show a five times higher rate of asthma in pertussis immunized children compared to non-immunized children. He is also quoted in the International Vaccination Newsletter (Sept. 1994): "Immunized children have more ear infections and spend more days in hospital." [See]

  • I would if I could but I can't so I won't.

  • In Calgary, Canada the person that I know who has gotten their vaccine, did not sign any document of approval. They just walked in and got a sheet saying basically "John Doe" was vaccinated on the following date, the rest of the sheet was simply what to do for any side effects. There was zero lineup and apparently there is so little demand that they are already able vaccinate teens. They also don't book you for your second vaccine, nor did they even bother to check off on his document that he needed to come back in a month.

  • That's how a real scientist/doctor sounds like.

  • I used respect Dr. Madej until I stumbled upon this little gem:

    What is she doing with people like Sasha Stone and the "Academy of 'Divine' Knowledge," which is approved by the United Nations?

  • The restriction are the reasons behind the people are having civil war against their government. She is telling the truth. Don't follow what the government tells you to do.

  • Zombie apocalypse?

  • Finally good to hear the truth.

  • The dems are destroying the country on purpose to create 2 classes, super rich and dirt poor. They aren't even hiding it and don't care if you know. You better be preparing for a civil war because it will be on your front doorstep sooner than you think. You better watch this video. Visit

  • Vax + 5G = ☠ Detrimental 5G frequency studies have already been done as it relates to the human body. So no telling how or what those frequencies will communicate to all those little computerized nanoparticles...

  • eye opening, I didn't know that more than one year later and we still don't have an isolated version of the virus.... when has that ever happened?

  • This may be the best long term analysis. I had not heard mentioned before about the double speak being intentional as part of a propaganda initiative. That's a perspective changer.

  • Medical malpractice at an epic level.

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