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The Truth Behind The Vaccine Trials - Documentary Film 2021
May 14, 2021


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The Vax Trials films, by THE MIRROR PROJECT. Learn how the trials were done, and the flaws in their design. They never intended to prove effectiveness against death.

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  • This is THE MARK OF THE BEAST we have been warning about, and GOD TOLD US would happen 2000 years ago. Read the Bible for more information.

  • Going to hospital for Covid is essentially a death sentence. 30 years old? 15 years old? They vent then put on palliative care. They make you "comfortable" and then leave you to die. Sleep aid and pain meds. No nutrition supplementation. If you recover, you do it without the help of the doctors. If you die, you become a stat. Patient's family members cannot go in to assess their care. They have to take the doctors to court to demand an injunction against the doctors to force them to treat their loved one. Typically once treatments are given, patients are sitting up and off the vent and eating and drinking. Those who come off complain of being severely dehydrated and starving as they are not given IVs and kept hydrated. They are literally killing Covid patients. Nurses throughout Canada, US and UK are blowing the whistle on these hospitals. They are horrified with the way these patients are being cared for. If you get sick, DO NOT GO TO HOSPITAL for treatment. Go on amazon, get a tube of Ivermectin and treat your family members at home. .4-.6 mg/kg. Standard dose is 13mg for adults. One dose on day 1, one dose on day 3. Zinc, 10,000IU vit. D3, 4000 Vit.C. Vit. A. You may also supplement with Tonic Water. 2L sipped throughout the day mixed with Tropical juice, bitter orange or Grapefruit if it's safe for you. Many medicines do not suggest grapefruit for use with caution. If you like Cranberry, that is good also.

  • Deaths in US from Covid Vaccines have now surpassed 9/11 casualties...OH LOOK!!! UFOS!!!...πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

  • get back to me later after its been tested on Jews.... so we know it won't kill another 6 million

  • And This was just the beginning. Separate yourself from the system Totally as soon as you can. And get back to nature. Because it's just going to get worse in the system. Create a declaration of Sovereignty document. And take back your freedom.!!! While you can.

  • Anyone who takes the vaccine after all this, fully deserves to suffer the consequences.!!!

  • The dems are destroying the country on purpose to create 2 classes, super rich and dirt poor. They aren't even hiding it and don't care if you know. You better be preparing for a civil war because it will be on your front doorstep sooner than you think. You better watch this video. Visit

  • THANK YOU for posting this! Great documentary, sharing as far as I can!

  • I’ve had covid, and I’ve had worse hangovers!

  • The trials were designed to cover up the lack of a virus for which a vaccine could be developed. The PCR test was adopted intentionally to create a psychological pandemic where a biological pandemic did not exist. Flu cases were renamed "covid19", and even then, the US only 30-40% of its average annual cases, and 5% below average total deaths, including the supposed "covid" cases and deaths. That alone shows these "cases" were fake, and the perpetrators could not create the illusion of a real pandemic. That is why censorship and threats have been vicious - the lie is visible for all to see. However, we are now over 4000 deaths in the US from the vax, and over 200,000 injured, and these are very real.

  • Germ theory is a fraud. Therefore, contagion/infection is a myth as well. Viruses don't exist. Everything gets simpler when you see through the deception. Occam's razor...

  • Haven't & won't take any of the covid vaccines. My fate is with God not with Gov. No matter what happens, if it happens to me, God allowed it just as I don't know my future, I don't know his plan for me. All things work together for good to those who follow God

  • I had no problems with the video. Good to see that people are trying to get the word out that the vaccine is not what it's cracked up to be. Think about it? Why would you want MRNA vaccine? I try not to eat junk food, choose to eat organic foods, why would I want MRNA injected into my body??

  • Some hospitals are paying bonuses to staff now as incentive to encourage them to get vaccinated, and this is the month of May. Most healthcare staff who wanted to do so vaccinated voluntarily in January-March. But now they are offering bonuses on paychecks to all who already received at least one of the 2 shot series, and to any reluctant staff who would be willing to vaccinate now if they have not done so yet. Then you hear of million dollar lotteries and other freebies and bribes.. there is something highly extraordinary and shady about covid-19 and these vaccines. 😳

  • I didn't have a single problem playing the video. People need to understand, this jab is just the beginning.

  • The video died at the half-way mark, so I couldn't watch it all. It's a curious admixture of truth and falsehood.

    1. Since most advocates of capitalism think the free market provides the right incentives to keep the drug companies on the straight and narrow when it comes to drug safety, why criticize Pfizer et al. for making an end run around the bureaucrats? Remember, Donald Trump was leaning on the FDA, too.

    2. The bits about adverse events and reporting were pretty good, but devoid of context. So there have been thousands of adverse advents. How many shots hhave been administered? About 150 million, according to the lame stream media. The CDC revoked the emergency approval status of the Pfizer vaccine a few weeks back over six deaths. Out of a cohort of 6 million patients. That's a one-in-a-million shot, that people would die from a blood clot, and the FDA said "Whoa!" How can the FDA be so cautious, and so reckless, at one and the same time?

    3. I don't want a vaccine, because I'm not afraid of it. I was told I had Covid, and several other respiratory ailments, when I went to the ER because of a bad pain in my belly, about a year ago. I had no fever, no cough, no runny nose, Just a very sharp pain in my belly. After three days they kicked me out of the hospital with a dozen prescriptions ... I filled one of them (for painkillers), which I ate for three or four days. Then the pain in my belly was gone. I'm still not sure if I had the killer Covid or not. The doctors say so. But it might have been a false positive.

    4. If you're considering medical treatment of any kind, always remember that your health is your own responsibility, not the doctor's. Doctor's can give you advice, but that's it. You make the decisions. Better to trust God to give you wisdom and guidance than blindly to trust some ignorant doctor. So I don't think it's valid to blame the doctors or the FDA for adverse events. People were too quick to blame others when they were really responsible for their own hastily-made choices, is my opinion.

    Bottom line: this video is a scare piece. I'm no fan of propaganda that pushes people in either direction. Let's have more light, and less heat.

  • Share the video everyone everywhere.

  • Have patience, folks. Serving up video in a usable way is not easy.

  • Would like to watch this but like the others, the video won’t load, and if it does, no sound. It’s not me, I’m tech savvy.. oh well πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  • Something is wrong with the video. It only goes for about 5 minutes. Is there another place I can see it.

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