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Satanic Occult Behind The Music Industry
Sep 29, 2022

Agent of Zion

The former RedPilled Slifer Slacker, former Mr. Humble Mind, and former Crash_OverideM. God...



Project Monarch described by Cathy O’Brian is exposing someone to traumatic experience that it results in a split personality. It’s a a form of satanic abuse aimed at canceling out free will much like cult practices. Britney Spear’s meltdown years ago were she cuts her hair in an effort to escape her programmers looking androgynous like Neo fresh out of the Matrix is very reminiscent of what’s happening today with the progressive movement. Progressive movement opens the door to nihilism which is fertile ground for unclean spirits and demonic influence and movement desensitizes breaking free from the programmers. This why in Britney Spears’s Slumber party music vid you see her crawling back to Satan like a dog. Satan wants you to stay as you are not come as you are. Hollywood is where celebrities submit to brainwashing and are used as propaganda tools in order to help in the hunt for men’s souls. I feel for this lady because people spellbound are subjected to Clockwork Orange abuse and are monitored 24/7 by the Elite.

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