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Senator Rand Paul, Do Not Comply
Aug 09, 2021


Conservative football (soccer) and music lover. Thoroughly enjoy dining out and traveling the...

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  • I would have respect for Rand Paul if he would admit those 2 idiots walking around pretending to be President and VP are not the real people but imposters. I'm not saying Zion Don Trumpstein is any better or that I want him back, I'm just saying he should state the obvious and call them all out.

  • Right on! Tell us how to organize and shut this nonsense down once and for all.

  • Thank you for your courage

  • Senator Rand Paul, Thank You and God Bless you for standing for us!!!!! Judy Berry

  • Thanks Sir for your good and responsible message to Pelosi - - I choose Freedom too!!

  • Love the Rand,!!!!

  • Im fighting ! I saw this coming last year and i pulled my kid and homeschool her! She nor I will ever wear a mask! If ur so afraid STAY HOME

  • Thanks so much for this. I am not crazy..we are under tyranny. It must stop. We all must STAND NOW, THERE IS NO LATER. I for one will not comply. I CHOOSE FREEDOM NOT A BANANA REPUBLIC. Pray for you daily. A million thank yous.

  • I choose freedom too! Thank you for being one of the FEW of our supposed leaders who stands with us. Most of them seem to have forgotten the oath they took to the Constitution and have become the domestic enemies they should be protecting us from. Shame on them!

  • How can you in good conscience delude people with your politically driven nonsense? 600,000 deaths and countless other peoples lives forever altered isn’t enough to convince you this is a real problem? THANK GOD we have Fauci and not misguided zealots like Sen Paul guiding our COVID response.

  • I refuse to go by the Nazi Agenda. Sorry but not sorry,

  • I agree with you Sir! I'm fed up too! Enough is enough!! Let us all stand up!!

  • Common sense!!!!! Finally I feel sane again!

    Thank you, Ginger Farrens

  • this administration is killing us and destroying the country!

  • Thank You Senator for your honesty and stand on behalf of The People! We must all fight at every turn no matter how big or small our impact. WE WILL NOT SUBMIT!

  • Bravo! Blessings, DrRed

  • Senator Rand Paul is a hero! Where have all the others gone. Well I’m standing up against the hospital mandated vaccines and ready to say bye bye to a job I’ve had for 30 years if need be! All in God’s sovereign Hand! He’s never let me down before! God bless all the Christian Patriots! In Jesus’s Mighty Name! Amen!🙌🙏🇺🇸🇮🇱💕

  • Thank you so very much Senator....fight the GOOD fight for yourself and your country :)

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