2022: Here’s to an Upset
Jan 04, 2022

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  • jews wagging big pharma , big pharma wagging government , it's a double wag .

  • A great start to the new year would be you and the rest of your ilk from 'shill central' being arrested and tried for treason, Dave Cullen:

  • 2000, they sent Trump as a wrecking ball at Pat Buchanan and the Reform Party. People forget to easily, Red is still Red.

  • Great video. The most significant thing I learned is, they start by making you use words like the pronouns they prefer. Remain vigilant, and may our God's peace be with you.

  • WE ARE In A PHYSICAL FIGHT! Have you ever been in one,,, Rocky? idts. The one who gets dirty and finishes the other first is the winner. Doesn't take long, you don't get tired. Same here, we're getting murdered because we talk, and only talk. We're not fighters we are women. sorry.... see? Joe rogan works for the devil you moron. later idiot

  • Robert Malone is coming to your side? Even he can recognize a rigged election. I think he's way past you.

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