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A Conversation with Max Igan (The Crowhouse)
Apr 21, 2022

Computing Forever

Computing Forever is a channel dedicated to politics, social commentary and technology. You'll...

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  • In any conspiracy of any magnitude and intelligence, there will be those who in stealth promote the narrative. It may be true that the Social Media Giants crave our comments to gather our true alliances. However, to call that out and not offer a path out of that paradigm makes me think he is just a parrot (a pretending negative one) to the Great narrative. Why are no media alternatives offered? Why is is stated as a done deal, as if to destroy hope. I am not saying he is not honest, but the context of this interview does not offer the users any alternative. Any true counter revolution would do that. It just seems like rhetoric. Those of us trying to pay attention to this, just need some tangible evidence of all of this. Good show, but I think you appeal too much to the choir as the old saying goes. We have to understand the poor souls at the bottom of society seldom participate in our self elevated discussion. And when we understand, how to activate them, free to their own purpose.

  • good stuff, free thinkers just having a go at it, luv n support

  • It always impresses me when Max makes some ludicrous unsubstantiated and highly subjective assertions, he follows it up with literal pearls of wisdom & insight. -smh. Great as always, Dave.- thanks.

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