A Message To Those Who Took The Jabs
Dec 14, 2021

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  • WOW>> that should be broadcast on ALL MEDIA ! excellent!

  • In a just world, they would be hunted down and killed.

  • I agree with everything, but that there is no Covid...My mother and I had it and there was definitely something...I'm 6 foot 205 lbs of mostly muscle, I eat right, don't smoke, do drugs or overdrink, I supplement, am not diabetic and that took me to my death bed...NEVER been that sick in my life.

    Started planning my funeral, my mother got it and then they almost finished us BOTH off with Remdesivir....NEVER EVER EVER EVER TAKE THAT...It will destroy livers, kidneys and your pancreas...My mother unfortunately died or should I say was murdered by the CDC Protocols.

    Anyway, I've had pneumonia and bronchitis before but this was another level...I believe they did release a man made virus...But I also think it has a limit ability to survive before becoming something mild like Omicron.

  • God bless IRELAND love from ENGLAND..

  • Great video. I will never support businesses that did not speak out in support of the unvaccinated during this plandemic. We must never forget who was on our side and who wasn't Do NOT support traitors after this fraud is exposed. Never forget or it will soon return. And btw, you look VERY, VERY stupid when you say that you are not anti-vaxx, you are only anti-this-vaccine. Do you think these demons made great vaccines except this one? Do you think the 40 other vaccine they want to force on your children are life savers? Are you kidding me.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for exposing weak, cowardly, compliant businesses who never spoke a supportive word for the unvaccinated. I will never return to businesses who were silent in their support for us. They are all dead to me. I have also discontinued my support for similar charities. I support churches that provide religious exemption letters for their people. We must never forget. The one blessing of this Plandemic is that it has fully exposed the corrupt people and organization that we once supported. No more!!

  • Most folks that I know that took the first two did not do it out of compliance, they did it because they believed it in their best interest. They made their call. You shouldn't vilify with terms like cowardice. Same for folks that are taking the boosters.

  • Dave Cullen is a badass mofo! \o

  • Odd? I've been seeing chatter online, that Russia via Turkey, has been pushing arms into Europe UK, and Northern Ireland. Have you gotten your AK with 1000 rds of ammo?

  • excellent commentary πŸ‘βœ…

  • To keep going along with this lie and allowing them to inject you every 6 months is insanity , if people keep complying they are one of two things , thick ,or cowards either way they are traitors to humanity and deserve everything they get . I will never allow them to inject me with anything again even if it means I am dying and I need an injection they will SPIKE you regardless , this is the mark of the beast make no mistake , mrna will change you from being human on a cellular level and you will lose what makes you human in Gods eyes ....

  • So glad to find someone else who still has some common sense. You just gained your newest subscriber.

  • Glad to see you've moved over to Gab too. Great content, if rather blackpilled.


  • I received the first two jabs but I have never been in favor of restricting the unjabbed. The whole point of a vaccination, in my mind, was to allow people to weigh the risks and make their own decision, while the most vulnerable could receive medical protection and no longer had to demand that the entirety of society lock itself up to suit them. What we are doing now makes no sense, except as a way to shovel money to pharmaceutical companies.

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