A Tribute to Rosa Koire: Rest in Peace
Jun 07, 2021

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  • RIP πŸ™ Lucky woman. She rests niw and awaits heaven. Lucky woman.

  • Thanks Dave for this!! I totally missed this news :( makes me sad. I had great respect for her!

  • In this age of polarization, not many can successfully "cross the aisle", but Rosa could. This ability, and her sweeping knowledge and understanding of Agenda 21/2030 will make it nearly impossible to fill the void left by her passing.

  • She was an excellent presenter utilizing all the work of Nikki Rappana and Friedrich Nordica and their ground breaking work on Communitarianism. She also failed miserably to "mention" that Israel was heavily involved in ALL of it AND Amatai Etzioni aka Werner Falk - Israeli Military Intelligence. The founder of it all. Another "German Jewish Refugee" made good from the same vein as Henry Kissinger - communists one and all.

    Rosa Koire would not name them. She went on to fame and fortune. Nikki Rappaana went on to homelessness and stalking.

    Also, the infatuation with "white hair" - Roger Stone, Assange in that if you look it up.

  • This is a touching tribute Dave, thanks so much for making it. I first learned of Agenda 2030 here in the Bay Area from Rosa when I was still a liberal and I heard of her group Democrats Against Agenda 2030. An early Red Pill for me. But how did she pass?

  • Noooo! How?

  • Great of you to do a memorial 'on the fly' moment. Rosa was a true warrior of truth. Would like to see a documentary of her life.

  • Ohh no ...... πŸ™

  • Another warrior goes home to God. May we carry on with her messages! R.I.P.

  • Excellent memorial, Dave.

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