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But I Thought it Was Just a Conspiracy Theory?
Dec 26, 2021

Computing Forever

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  • I chip my pets.....

    P.S. I'm sure that these implants will go both ways, right? Like that whole Star Trek com badge thing. I will get benefits from the chips, like knowing where Karl Schwabb is at all times? If the body temperature of Biden is going up as he gets closer to a child? When any of the satanic pedos are getting too high, or drunk, and I'll be able to write them a ticket for polluting the body social with disease? I bet it will for super duper sure alert me to whenever a government ref flag raid is coming to shoot my dog with the inherent tracking/movement devices it's broadcasting to.

    Computer, give me the location of Epstein, not the fake dead one, the live man who escaped. "Epstein didn't transporter himself".

    You think Karen's are bad now.... You aint seen nothing yet.

  • My concern with these chips is that they have sensors and/or transmitters constantly emitting a radio frequency, which means it is constantly sending or receiving information. Information can be blocked, stolen, or redirected. Seeing as there is already a very extensive spy network in most of the western world, this is just another form of tracking, invasion if privacy, and aspect of control.

    There are bad people in the world and this just gives them another avenue to exploit. There can be a lot of good and benefits, for sure, but, there is just as much evil if not more behind these.

  • In other words, Sweden is so desperate to become known in the world as a somebody, that they will fuk anybody - including themselves, to become relevant. Canada is like that. I say this to shame you. Dont become the very whore of Babylon the Bible speaks of. It wont work out well for you.

  • "You want to protect your children don't you " imo explains the alternative news headlines push about child abductions and sex slavery cults like Epstein Island, rumors about DisneyLand, and even rumors about the DUMBS. Probably some of that is true, but overall, it's sounding more and more like it's part of the create a crisis, offer a solution plan. The enemy knows that it's not just the conservatives that rise to defend self and others. Give the people a common enemy (child abusers), offer a few wrist slapping trials, then sit back and enjoy the show as millions rush to have their children and spouses chipped for their safety..

  • So Thoughtful,,,Parents, don'tleave your kids alone with anyone,,, esp. teachers, or doctors. This could be given too easily, and remain initially undetected!!! LIFELONG CONSEQUENCES!

  • This was an intelligent, technologically up-to-date, rigorously-analytical and very literate exposé. I am circulating this to my well-educated and informed associates. It is a serious challenge to the glossy presenttions by the likes of Gates and Schwab. The latter propagandists represent the storefront displays of armies of communication specialists, and who can mine and synthesize decades of theoretical research and street level practice involving human anthropology, sociology and psychology.

    Mr. Cullen has deftly zeroed in on a truthful presentation---avoiding the temptation to exaggerate, repeat shoddily-examined, social-media rumors or to match crude propaganda with crude propaganda.

    Simple experimentation by placing magnets at a variety of locations, not just at the injection site, will conclusively reveal that these particular pseudovaccine products currently used in the COVID campaign are not necessary for attraction to the body. Neodymium magnets work best and can be gotten inexpensively at a well-supplied hardware. The do-it-yourself is encouraged to repeat this if in doubt. Since posting here, and here,, further research in my laboratory suggests that the myoglobin hypothesis--though still quite possibly related--is also not necessary as a basis for magnetic attraction of objects to certain regions of the skin. More on this as results from further experimentation proceeds.

    That there is no necessity for these injection products to be magnetic does not mean that they do not contain--in some lots of material--surveillance-relevant substances or devices, though I think it very unlikely that these are a current mode of "tagging" people. Like Mr. Cullen, I am extremely concerned about a coming vaccination and surveillance state and I think it is unquestionably in the works. I believe it is more likely that the current vaccines are being used to establish bureaucratic systems for biological marking as well as the social pressure required for facilitating "voluntary" (such as it is) adoption of the technology. Mr. Cullen's analogy to the nearly-complete transition to cell phones and away from landlines and big-screen desktops and laptops at home for communication and computing was extremely effective. But the typical user never really appreciated nor made use of the computing power of desktops and laptops for anything other than email.

    Also, the current habituation of the population to submitting to "the vax" and to social and economic manipulation in a biomedical tyranny will make the soon-coming implantation of advanced, dermal and subdermal "chipping" the obvious, convenient step to the masses of compliant humans.

  • Creepy.

  • Some day "READ-ONLY" tech will need an "upgrade" to something that is READ-WRITE and Logan's run is at the push of a button.

  • Excellent presentation. Well thought out.

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