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Connecting The Dots: From Conspiracy Theory to Reality
Dec 29, 2021

Computing Forever

Computing Forever is a channel dedicated to politics, social commentary and technology. You'll...

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  • I’ve seen this. And it has had me extremely concern since the beginning. There are a lot of players in this game and we are just the pawns.

  • Wow Thank you very much for this because I went and search for the video of cabin talk from 2019 and I'm sharing it far and wide

  • Computing Forever is still on YT. Don't tell me, this video was taken down. Why would YT do that? They got the free speech award (self awarded, but still... it is reliable, right?)

  • Great video. You are on Bitchute too? Mind if I download this en place it there?

  • Maxwell will not be punished. They will not go after all the famous pedos. They will no release the info. They will cover it all up. It's just an other example of them saying, "Shut up and learn, your place. WE rule and there's nothing you can do about it, pussies!" The way they made Epstein disappear is an other example. The same goes for the way they made Bin Laden "disappear". The same goes for Hunter's laptop and child porn the FBI made "disappear". The same goes for election fraud. They will cheat again and we'll let them do it. The same goes for this covid scam.

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  • Trump is a boomer and shet like this is why haha

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