Connecting the Dots: Totalitarian Australia
Sep 05, 2021

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  • How "healthy" is the "big" woman? witches don't have to wear the masks.

  • They laugh when saying the most insane evil things, vampire clowns.

  • We need to 'get use' to taking INJECTIONS ON COMMAND ... Notice they are pretending that if you COMPLY THIS TIME ... Lockdowns will end magically forever ... LIES!


  • Wow, very good.....I have shared it.

  • When are they going to say no. En mass.

  • "Pill given daily", I thought it was Soma from Brave New World?

  • Governmental pieces of shit. This is by far the most insane podcast I have seen so far. Absolutely, sledge the goddamn computers, screw social media, and toss the telephones.

  • How about getting rid of your phone for religious reasons since satan obviously runs the world. No phone says to the world, I reject the totalitarian and insanity of our times.

  • Clearly no food shortages in the health dept

  • Give up guns and they slow death shot us kids and kill you slowly so you fade away. Freedom must be fought for. Satan runs this world. Wake up

  • "Bad behavior". Australia says it will monitor social media for " Bad behavior". Wow.

  • Citizens disarmed themselves and now may realize that gov thugs can grab your children and sliwdeath shot them. Hmm? Bad move pol

  • Here in Australia our stupid socialist governments ban medications that work (weren't previously banned). And push experimental medicines that obviously don't work! It's got nothing to do with Covid!!

  • Fuck social media, it's social media that allowed this to happen. I looked out my window yesterday and I saw a family of four all sat in the garden looking at their phones, all of them. This is insanity. Social media can disappear right now and it won't bother me. Who needs it? Get out in to the country while you still can. We spend far too much time on line, it's not healthy and it's being used to control you. Everyone I see has their face glued to the phone, leave it at home. I never take mine out with me unless I'm travelling any distance and even then I decide whether I really need it or not. Screw social media it is to blame for this current state we are in.

  • What about those of us with natural immunity love, hello, you are clearly insane so why should anyone listen to you? Australia is a massive country with hardly anyone in it. They would not be able to do what they've done to them in say England for example. Plus, they are a former prison colony and have it ingrained to obey authority. Australia is doomed unless they can get off their lazy arses and actually do something about their situation. Every single person in Australia should be calling and writing to this bitch telling her exactly how you feel. Also call for her removal as she's clearly gone mad with power. She has never mentioned natural immunity, to her it doesn't exist. There has been no discussion let alone planning around what they intend to do about those that are immune. This should tell you that she is not operating from a position of science nor sincerity. She should be removed before she does any more serious damage.

  • Yea, Aus is fucked. It has been for decades and I am thoroughly unsurprised at how cowed the population is to tyranny. The gun buy back of the 90s was justified in near exactly the same way. The country has lost any sense of personal duty and instead the voting majority will just vote for tyranny at every opportunity. I suspect a hockey stick acceleration of tyranny until something finally gives and government goes full fascist or some kind of revolution causes a confidence meltdown of the current government. All I know is I have no interest in going to any commonwealth nation as they are all diving head first into tyranny.

  • No respect for life. I here that all the dogs and puppies in a shelter somewhere in Aus. were killed because the authorities HAD to stop people traveling there to take care of the dogs or adopt them. Sick and twisted!

  • It HAS to be the british thing. Occupied England. And then getting that on Australia.

    But its weird to me how some people "cant" or WON'T just BUCK something as lame as the limeys! Ireland too.

    I can see how Australia could have an OCCUPIED GOVERNMENT. IN ON OCCUPIED ENGLAND crime, agaisnt their own people.

    I cant judge them for that mistake. America does too! But is anybody in Australia PAYING ANY ATTENTION TO THAT?!

    All I see is some neo-Nazi's upset about immigrant situations, but are they BLAMING IT ON WHO IS CREATING THE SITUATION.


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