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Finding Joy, Meaning and Dignity in Chaotic Times
Apr 16, 2022

Computing Forever

Computing Forever is a channel dedicated to politics, social commentary and technology. You'll...

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  • "At some point, we're all going to die!" Lol! Well....why didn't ya say so! πŸ˜ƒ. Let's go! ....Lol!
    You crackle me, dude. 😁

  • In a sane world, it would be reasonable and desirable for a government to collect and publish data about who exactly is living in the country. And in our insane world, it is vital that nationalists have this data. How would we make arguments about demographics otherwise? The objection to the census is infantile.

  • Make no mistake, the depth and breadth of socialistic brainwashing over the last century in the west is so comprehensive it's literally impossible to wake people up and realise they have been puppets of their governments who've allowed them to fully place their entire moral paradigm on the axis of material security that anything else that doesn't help make that happen is simply unworthy of our attention! It's not hard to see how humanity has got to where it has, total and utter moral bankruptcy!

  • As you know, the Imperium has never been able to take a census of the Fremen. Everyone thinks that there are but few, wandering here and there in the desert. My lord, I suspect an incredible secret has been kept on this planet: that the Fremen exist in vast numbers - vast. And it is they who control Arrakis.

  • So Dave, did you fill out your census form? ;-) Dude, your videos are in my top three subs....always. (and almost always at the very top)

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