From Vaccinated to Unvaccinated: How People Can Wake Up
Aug 26, 2021

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  • Very Orwellian, probably the best analogy of the mask scenario. Psychologically solid.

  • I was wondering when you'd make a new video. Glad gab put this in their recommendations.

  • This is an excellent, well thought out and articulated video. No histrionics. Your thoughts on where we are regarding where other people are are exactly my thoughts. A tough category are those whose entire psychological foundation and safety net depends on being able to trust the "experts" and authority. If that trust crumbles, they crumble-literally. It's like a Jonestown cult. Most of my family are in this category. There's no getting through to them. Dr. Ann should get the medal of freedom, btw.

    Thanks for this.

  • Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! What an idiot. It's a very simple public health initiative. Don't want to get vaccinated that's fine - your choice - but choices have consequences. Live with the consequences. Masks work. What a douche!

  • Orwell didn't say that. It was attributed to him, but there is no record of him saying it nor writing it. None.

  • Lots of good evidence that Ivermectin is a very effective treatment for the virus is administered timely. Could have saved many lives. Greatly reduces the severity of the disease and the numbers needing hospital. Its a crime that it is being suppressed.

  • It doesn't matter that injected people wake up. They will be dead in 2-3 years. Some die right after injection

  • And they want the unvaccinated to either get vaxxed, or undergo testing twice a week, completely out of spite just to pressure people into getting the jab. But from what I'm hearing about these booster shots, the vaccinated will have to get jabbed every 8 months FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES, so it evens out.

  • But der ya not like pertatas??

  • In Thailand the annual car roadworthy check is laughable. love it.

  • Wait isn’t this the guy who crowd funded for an anti woke event and then gave it to some tyrant sjw based woman who wanted to make sure the event was there to protect Muslims?

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