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Gaslighting, Unending Lockdowns and Climate Change
Feb 12, 2021

Computing Forever is a channel dedicated to politics, social commentary and technology. You'll...

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  • ayyyyyyyyyy glad you found the based platform!!!

  • the religion of science is being exposed as just another faith based scam

  • The only thing that the article around the 24 minute mark is missing is that Biden shall do none of that as Harris is going to replace him soon.

  • Human sized hamster Bubbles

  • I thought this was going to be clickbait....

  • Holy shit😭😭

  • They can't even stand upright in the bubbles.

  • The COVID (Certificate Of VACCINATION 🆔) Metropolitan police enforcement. Matt Twist is leading it⚠️YT is RudeTube⚠️👇🏾 I can't copy paste any links on the $50+BILLION⚠️ Elite's totalitarian suicide bill to the CCP NWO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 😂😂😂🤣😎👍👋👋👋

  • I wish that people would "raise up" pro "human flourishing" guys like Alex Epstein and Michael Shellenberger. They are probably more capable of combatting these issues and present irrefutable arguments that confront issues with leftist ideology which IS rooted in anti-human environmentalism. Its not enough for us to say "isn't this crazy. They're really going for it." We need to just go for the throat of the argument which is "overpopulation" "humans as a source of catastrophic impact on the environment" and just say nothing but "STFU, its not true."

  • 8:51 If people start lying about their information when demanded by law, it is time to question and review the law.

    Is the law worse than the actual threat that the law is supposed to help solve?

  • 7:56 I remembered laughing about how they would probably make covid tests mandatory...

    I'm laughing that this is somehow allowed XD

  • Plastic bubbles...

    I would rather just stay home and listen via Spotify or YT then.

    No way am I getting into one of those things. Imagine the heat created when you are shouting, screaming, dancing and when you are around people in the crowd. Not to mention the lack of fresh air, especially when you're cheering, it's unlikely that the little holes in those bubbles are enough.

  • Great vid CF but the networks are strangling this vid, won't play for more than a few seconds.

  • Thank you for a very informative video. I had almost forgot what real news looked like.

  • I'm so glad you have a Gab channel.

  • FFS 🤦‍♂️ We are Dooooomed!!

  • Many MURDERERS get out of prison after only SEVEN years!

  • 45 seconds in. Luke O'Neill needs to dry out. The alcoholism has eaten his brain. Anyway, onwards.

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