How is This a Thing? 17th of August 2021
Aug 17, 2021

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  • "Contact tracing employees... working their guts out"? The Victoria talking head says. It seems the punishment is this, " Dont make me talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk."

  • They need to name the variernts ahead of time so they can develop the vaccines ahead of time. Dont you want this virus to be stopped? (sarcasm)

  • When a 'Technical Lead' at the WHO is saying stuff like this, we can be confident that we are in the midst of their mind-control game. I don't have to play.
    It is unlikely that this game can be sustained beyond Kappa, the 10th letter, because satanic and Chinese numerology both use ten as a full-circle number. Like a virus, it has variants (new beginning, perfection, new cycle, fusion of physical with spirit) but the occult runs on this stuff, and at ten they will run out of covid being useful and have to find another psyop weapon.

  • They really do want to make a god out of covid after people stopped being afraid of all the other manmade fake gods.

  • All complicit world leaders need to be prosecuted and publicly hanged.

  • I live in Palm Coast FL. I know how they're getting so many cases. Health dept. Called my wife Saturday saying my 14 yr old might've came in contact with someone with Covid. 1 case. He has to be tested on Monday, 2 ND case. Goes back to school on Tues if negative. It was. On Wednesday takes test again. 3 Rd case. They did this to at least 10 other kids . They do this everyday. They did this last year. Kids talk parents talk . No one is getting sick. Faulty testing kits sometimes give false positive results. The Covid scam continues.

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