How is This a Thing? 19th of May 2021
May 19, 2021

Computing Forever is a channel dedicated to politics, social commentary and technology. You'll...

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  • Notice they never talk about the 1.5 million who died in 2019 from TB .....not a whisper.

  • "In a free society the state does not administer the affairs of men. It administers justice among men who conduct their own affairs." -- Walter Lippmann

  • It is a loss of Morals and love for one another and many are indoctrinated and don't even know it and many will get in line to get their turn at the gas chambers and are too stupid to push their constitutional rights but think the very creators are going to give them something besides more suffering until there is nothing left and the few who created all this will be hiding underground and they smile on the news as they do this and the people so far have gone along with humanities destruction

  • Yeah, I'm really coming on board with the whole goal is to restrict us to our designated areas. Keep us all in our pens.

  • Well presented

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