How is This a Thing? 3rd of November 2021
Nov 03, 2021

Computing Forever is a channel dedicated to politics, social commentary and technology. You'll...


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  • It feels like Mad Max with the Gas prices here in America..

  • What is the frequency of 5G how might it affect the Davies Straight? Shumman Resonance?

  • The fastest 16 minutes on

  • We call this whole system the Beast System which will result in the Mark of the Beast, without which you will not be able to buy or sell anything. The Bible foretold this about 2,000 years ago, and those who have read the Book of Revelation know this is coming. We will see a culmination of wars, both civil and world-wide, and a "man of peace" will come out of it, but don't be fooled, he is the "man of perdition", also called the Antichrist. When he arises, the false prophet (Pope Francis?) will sing his praises and will anoint him as the messiah. Jesus said, of his return, that it will be as the "days of Lot", we see this in the form of the celebration of the sexually perverted; he also said it will be as the "days of Noah", which in those days the mingling of the blood of the beast of the earth had occurred, today that is the creation of the Chimeric viruses and "vaccines" (Luke 17:26-28). We are truly living in the end days, and things will get worse before they get better.

  • How they merge digital surveillance technology with a green environmental initiatives is impressive. While the two are polar opposites, they sell it like peanut butter and jelly.

  • I like the "translations". Everything they say needs to be translated.

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