How is This a Thing? 9th of December 2021
Dec 09, 2021

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  • Anyone who played a game before know NPCs are a lot smarter and have a lot more creative programming, ever played Animal Crossing?

  • Why is Ardern still above ground level? She needs to go......somewhere.

  • An Overton Window classic

  • Always the best. Thanks. I'll run this by my bovine relatives. Maybe!

  • Nobody should be above the law. Nobody should have a racist privilege to harm other people and commit crimes.

  • According to their critical race THEORY, black people should not have an exclusive privilege to commit crimes. Caucasians and Asians should also be acquitted of any crimes they commit, because their ancestors were once enslaved too, they also suffer from abuse of authority, and they live through adversities and poverty. Additionally, black people's license to commit crimes should be revoked because it was Africans whom first enslaved their black ancestors. Black people enslaved Caucasians and Asians. Black people in positions of authority abuse authority and violate people's rights. Furthermore, black people claim Pharaoh was black, that means black people enslaved the ancestors of Jewish people. Black people also claim they are the original Jews too though. Nobody should be above the law. Nobody should have a race privilege to harm other people and commit crimes.

  • If you STILL trust the government and the mega corporations after all of THIS? The whole 2 years of bullshit? Not only was your history teacher a lousy sack of 💩? You are too stupid to be free! You need to be in a padded room.

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