Ireland Continues to Slouch Towards Totalitarianism
Oct 21, 2021

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  • They act as if natural immunity isn't 27x stronger than anything that an injection can give you?

  • The clips you play toward the end are painful to watch. I'm pretty convinced that we're going toward having to create a parallel society. I don't think we will be able to do anything without the police on our side.

    On a more positive note I am seeing less and less people wearing masks in the north.

  • This Irishman's pretty much the best out there. No hyperbole, no hysterics. Just facts and insightful conclusions. I'm passing these vids onto everyone I know. Thanks!

  • UK government has ordered hundreds of millions of "vaccine" doses through to 2025. They are not vaccines but DNA manipulation shots. Even Klaus Schwab, self appointed presidents of the World Economic Forum, has described them as "DNA therapy". Epidemiologically, it is extremely naive to think that this so called "highly infectious" pathogen has not been confronted by virtually everyone (unless you are a hermit on an isolated island) after 20 months! Trust the EU? Payments of 4 million euro were paid into a family account belonging to EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides, who was responsible for concluding the first EU vaccine contracts with pharmaceutical companies. 1. The Australian New South Wales Premier was forced to resign after discovery of a $10 million bribe from Astra Zeneca & Pfizer was revealed. The conditions of the bribe were for imposing lockdown (3 months) and vaccine mandates. An additional $5 dollars were shared between six other members of her administration who also had to resign. To think that these are isolated incidents is to think that the human nature of public servants is incorruptible. The UK has a high rate of double jabs too. The majority of Covid deaths has been rising for months among the double jabbed and now accounts for 70%. The Office of National Statistics data publication has been changed this month to exclude the analysis of jabbed (1 and 2 doses) and unjabbed dying from Covid. This is obviously to hide the fact that the jabs do not do what people thought they would do and the worsening situation for jabbed people. The EU Green Pass has room for registering 8 jabs. If you are unjabbed, you have 24-28 times the resistance (natural immunity) to Covid than the jabbed. Israeli research shows this to be a fact.

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