Is The Narrative Beginning to Collapse?
Jan 14, 2022

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  • All of this talk of dose after dose after dose of covid “vaxxine” is starting to remind me of the Star Trek - TNG episode, “Symbiosis”, with the “vaxxine” being the falecium, Fauxi and Walensky as Sobi and Langor (big pharma=Brekkans) and all the sheeple who’ve submitted to the insanity are Ornarans.

  • borla is a bloody zionist jew. They are ALL liars.

  • On the Dilbert TV show, there was a Corporate Couple, and the woman says "Lie to me," and he says "Our next update will solve the problem."

  • Most of what you say makes sense - except the bit questioning the EXISTENCE of the virus. If the virus does not exist, what did I get sick from?

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  • Found you here. Big fan back in the day when YouTube was free. Free YouTube!

  • No isolate of Novel SARS-Covid 19 has been found. Why? It is a patented organism

  • Subscription medicine moves beyond insurance. It's not a vaccine, nor is it a Gene "Therapy".
    It is an experiment without informed consent. This is the territory of the Nuremberg Code.

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