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The Attack on Our Private Property Rights
Mar 16, 2022

Computing Forever

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  • No one really owns their property outright. Try not paying your property taxes to find out if that's true. That being said, what governments want is to control what possessions you can own, and how you can use them.

  • What in the Sam’s Hell is going on?

    Every country seems to be conveniently disgarding their constitutions and their protected citizens’ rights. Covid compliance precipitated this: The people proved they were duped by flimsy, easily-disproved lies, then they proved they were compliant, obedient sheep.

  • Get used to your hospitals being full. Better hope you never need emergency surgery in a timely manner.

  • This is evil. We are not fooled. This is theft. So sad.

  • Dave our poor country is truly bolloxed. When we voted sodomite ' marriage' and the slaughter of our unborn, God will exhaust his wrath on this nation.

  • GREAT to find you out of ScrewTube!!

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