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The Complete and Utter Destruction of Ireland
Apr 25, 2022

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  • The whole of Europe has turned to shyte mate!

  • Largely the same shit show here in canuckistan as we are run by the same globalist communists as you are. Would trade a bunch of muslim refugees for Ukrainian ones. At least we do have our own energy here in Alberta, so we are not as screwed by sanctions and most of the prairie region is inhospitable (weather is nasty most of the time) so we don't see as much diversity around here.

  • Having lived in a council house in Manchester U.K. for 20 years yet still retaining strong connections to extended family in the village in Rural Ireland where I grew up, all of this simply is heartbreaking - I honestly now feel that my home country is doomed and there is no possible way to come home to Ireland when I reach retirement age - I doubt if I’ll even get to be even buried in Ireland when I die - our country will soon cease to exist as in truth, the globalists are winning

  • I no longer give a shit about Canada or Canadians. Political retardation and the scamdemic revealed to me how stupid and pathetic my fellow countrymen are. I no longer give a fuck about what happens to them nor the country. It's clear to me that the only person I can worry about is myself.

  • So sad... how can we stop this insanity?

  • you mean a naked black guy walking around dublin screaming doesnt seem to be emblematic of ireland? ;)

    also macron was installed. le penn won.

  • Did you not notice that its Sunday that is chosen to not be allowed to drive? Sunday.... hmmm. Why not wednesday or thursday? Interesting choice sunday.

  • I believe them chemtrails they have been dropping all over the world for years now is to dumb us all down, 100's of years ago ppl would have fought back a long time ago, but only pockets of ppl have the will to do it now.

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  • The jews are removing people from Ukraine that may be less than enthusiastic about being inhabitants of Greater Israel, while at the same time swamping white nations with waves of culturally antagonistic, brutal people who are quite willing to overrun it's nationals. "You will own nothing and be happy", right.

  • Irish: REVOLT!!!!

  • I beg they try that with my home. They're dead.

  • Of course we care about Ireland! In the USA we are getting over 200,000 every month. The majority being single males 19-40 years old.

  • No political solution.....only death. War is the only thing these parasites understand....we will have to kill them all.....It's us or them.

  • So yeah, but I thought is was for the children, or was it the Federation.

  • One thing the Locusts understand, is the importance of land, private ownership. TRUE OWNERSHIP, NONTAXABLE. I wouldn't mind paying a small tax for buying rope. Be kinda funny.

  • "Elderly would be 'incentivized'....". Oh yay.

  • Ireland needs another BRAVE HART.

  • They want to get rid of Whitty.

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