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The End of Plenty
Sep 05, 2022

Computing Forever

Computing Forever is a channel dedicated to politics, social commentary and technology. You'll...

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  • I think Morgoth is not seeing the demographic collapse properly. Asia & Europe are running out of productive age talent that keeps their countries running, this includes leadership. An Elite, any Elite, exists of the backs of such people. The collapse of globalization will bring about shortages and privation that will drive political change. The current Ruling & Managerial classes know this all too well and what we see is them panicking. To use the plantation analogy, all the slaves are dying off so there's no one to harvest, take care of the tools or animals. Heck, even the seed stock is being eaten.

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  • Quit fucking dooming if you losers aren't going to draw blood in order to stop it.

  • Name the jew pussy.

  • And just think, that German Chancellor does all this as she's just starting another year of Jr. High School.

    Always the best commentary, and it ends on a hopeful note. Thanks.

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  • Great Video. I like your work. Abundance for the masses can be the enemy for the elite few.

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