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The Hamburg Syndrome (1979) and Comparisons to the Covid Scam
Jan 14, 2021

Computing Forever is a channel dedicated to politics, social commentary and technology. You'll...

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  • Wow. Certainly want to see the movie as it looks a good one..

  • I came to Gab just for Computing Forever. He gets it!

  • Stupid and coward have the numbers

  • This is exactly how it has been playing out, almost line for line of the movie script. You only have to sense your own intuition to know this is all wrong. We didn't evolve to the point we reached today and suddenly find we need medical and government intervention in every aspect of our lives. The last words are chilling indeed as I have been repeating them to anyone who will listen almost word for word - we need to take responsibility for our own wellbeing, some of us do get sick from time to time, all of us will die sooner or later, but ultimately responsibility for our health is and always should our own personal responsibility.

  • No words - wow !!! thanks for producing this video!

  • Computing Forever is my first subscription on Gab TV! Haven't found where to like yet.

  • Where can I watch this movie in full?

  • Wow... Just wow.

  • Wow. They must have watched this movie before implementing all of this insanity. They probably laughed about it, too.

  • Did you draw that avatar yourself?

  • They always prepare us with movies...

  • Thank you for sharing this film with the wider public. A must see for anyone interested in understand Covid regulations.

  • No they wouldn't! Would they? 😂

  • In Canada we believe that we have to save everyone from themselves even if it kills you. People kind over hear want to save the world. The world is rapidly slipping into hell. I watch your vids to remind myself that there are others who feel the same. Looking forward to people waking up soon!!! 🤕

  • Sigh. The reboots are never as good as the original.

  • Someone took notes...

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