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The Long Term Effects of the Jabs
Mar 30, 2022

Computing Forever

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  • The long term effects of NOT taking a Kill Shot!

    The long term effects of drinking Drain-O!

    The long term effects of .... ah... sod it.

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  • You said it brother. It’s an actual con job in the most sinister sense.

  • I think the possibility of Genocide by our governments should be discussed. The real rulers of America. the leadership of the Globalist Deep-State in DC, which I call the CABAL, is under a time constraint for introducing their NWO. The CABAL can't afford to lose the midterms so they will engineer some catastrophe that will give them an excuse to cancel them. 1. Covid was introduced to get people to take the poisonous vaccine. Its purpose is to exchange the white population for a 3rd world population and debilitate the genome of white people so that in a few generations there will be very few of us left. 2. The Globalists know there will be resistance to the NWO. They are counting on the millions of vaccinated to be too weak to oppose the implementation of the NWO. 3. Grocery stores are going to run out of food. Mass starvation is a possibility. Hunger will weaken the bodies of vaccinated people with weakened immune systems and cause massive deaths. 4. A new plague will be introduced to finish off the 10's of millions who have been covid vaccinated. 5. The Federal Reserve will pour more cash into the economy to "help" the needy turning Inflation into hyperinflation. 5. Now comes the NWO and slavery. The Government will introduce a DIGITAL DOLLAR and give everyone a DIGITAL WALLET and a DIGITAL ID to buy bread before it costs $ Million a loaf. This will be the beginning of the end. 6. There will be riots and the midterms will be canceled for reasons of "Public Safety". England is going that route. Russia is not playing that game, so Putin has to go.

  • Don't try to cure the virus, that is impossible. One only needs to accept the truth. The vaccine is the virus

  • Dave, don't know if you read comments, but I've got a link to a site: https: // "Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid-19 Vaccines" They're randomizing the shots given, that's why some drop dead suddenly and others have no immediate side effects. In the United States, 7 out of 10 of the states with the highest 'vaccine' death rates, are all politically conservative. While liberal/leftist states have lowest vaccine death rates. They're in control of who is getting the kill-shots.

  • 2 more weeks

  • Not this psyop again. What happened to the flu?

  • My hope is that the jabs don't generally wreck the immune system, but it is clear that their protection against COVID is very temporary. If this is so, I'm OK with semi-regular boosters for those who are especially vulnerable to disease, but the great majority of the population would be better off trusting their own body defenses. Unfortunately we seem to have drug companies eager to sell as many shots as they can and politicians who are suspiciously eager to accommodate them.

  • You can't take stupid out of the stupid people.

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  • Sounds like they are setting up for returning to lockdowns.

  • Haven't been ill since I quit smoking in 2015... and I exercise every day & eat healthy so just found no reason to take it, especially with all the risks involved. Never did, never will. I also got very damaged (mentally) by prescription pills in the past and it took a long time for me to recover so I don't just let any one give me some drug they obviously don't know what the hell it does to you at all. The same goes for the jab... We are still living in very primitive times when it comes to medical science.

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