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The Only Way Out of This…
Nov 18, 2021

Computing Forever

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  • But what if there will be no significant harm from jabs or boosters? If they make next booster just a saline solution and say - see, no harm at all, you, stupid antiboosters? Yes, simple saline as a booster, but through all your life, or until they decide that's its time to really "boost" personally you. It will be hard to fight then.

  • They cannot be reasoned with, and most are not willing to think for themselves either. As for the ruling class; after having gone through all this effort they are not simply going to step down because people don't like them. They are either going to rig the next election or do away with the pretense. Yes, they probably are hoping for a violent uprising so that they can use violence to quickly get rid of everyone they don't like. I really don't see a solution to this. If this isn't the end times, then, at the very least, it's WWIII. I think the only reason we haven't had another war like WWII or WWI is because of nukes. The nukes would destroy everything that the ruling class wants to make use of, so they have to find another way to wage war.

  • If no one got the jab no one would be sick.

  • The sheep allowed this scam and should have stopped it in the beginning. I don't live there but would have done the same as now and defied ever bull shit rule/law they came up with. My life is as free as it was 50 years ago. I just go about things like I always have. Tyranny will never stop unless you stop it, grow some balls sheep.

  • "iTs wHaT tHEY wANT" no its not they want you scared divided talking and complacent.

    There remains this absurd idea that you can change the minds of fanatics! people you claim yourself are brainwashed. The notion you can talk power mongering totalitarians out of their lust for power is absolutely absurd., Stand up and fight like better braver men did in the past.

  • Hypochondria is a life purpose? Pathetic! The willful ignorance infuriates me. I refuse to call those enablers of the NWO "sheep" for they themselves are evil. They get on their moral high horse, but their "virtues" are sloth, cowardice, foolishness, and narcissism. They don't really care about others and get furious when you point this out to them. The love of many has grown cold because they abound with iniquity. Ironic how many will die as human sacrifices to the idol of the State. Or the Science.

  • "Covid gave people meaning to life". Whoa.

  • @ 15 minutes, some very good points made about revo!utionary action being usfull to further lockdowns. Also the psychological conditions of those "hypnotised".

  • Thank you for the great video Dave

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