The Spiritual Battle and The Irish Inferiority Complex
Nov 30, 2021

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  • We are so screwed. Stay sane, my brothers.

  • The Irish resisted England for centuries. And within one century of gaining freedom, pissed it all away, dishonored their ancestors, by electing a gay Indian as their head of state. Just one symptom of their self destruction. Like so much of the blasted West. And now their elites, full of non-Irish, plan to wipe them out with a deluge of Africans, Muslims and other Third World "New Irish" trash. Pathetic and shameful. The jab hysteria is just another effect.

  • There are principles. I refuse to wear masks always. March around supermarkets without concern. In my town people had stopped the masks, now they're ALL back with them again, because they watch TV, I'd bet. I only get my news from alternative sources. I can't believe this nightmare psyop is getting worse, and very bad in Ireland we see. And Germany! If they fall, thats it.

  • When the Irish "en masse" realize that the mask is a humiliation ritual that the satanic elite have done many times before I don't think they will be complying with much after that point.

  • "Loyalists" (to the crown) in colonial America, and now "loyalists" to jewish media/WHO/NIH in USA.

  • I can't help but visualize a bunch of irishmen killing the shit out of the politicians while yelling insults at them - simply hearing, "You doom soon of bitch!, yoo couldn't have left well enooof alone coold ya?"

  • Hey, it could be worse - it's not like you Micks are all known to be a race of violent and pugnaciously contentious (yet strangely poetic) autistic drunkards or anything... right?


  • Ireland is smaller than 39 US states. That alone would be enough to depress me. Here in the US, if we don't like where we're living or we want to be around more like-minded people, we can just move to another state. The people who left Europe were the reason the US became a great nation. We may have to split up but we'll still have a sizeable country that is free when it's all over. You may have to think about leaving Ireland. We have lots of places for you. Just don't move to a big city!

  • Thank you, Dave. God bless you for doing His work on this earth.

    Evil is rampant across this planet and waging war against us but good will, as you say, prevail. Good always does prevail over evil in the end.

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