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Feb 05, 2021

Computing Forever is a channel dedicated to politics, social commentary and technology. You'll...

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  • 07:10
    Brooklyn Center Police release body cam footage of Fatal x as hooting. Minnesota
    14 views ▪ 2 hours ago
  • 01:26
    Yellow Vests Dublin: Freedom march 12th September 2020
  • 10:03
    America! Bow Down Before Your Illegal Overlords
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  • 02:33
    When you get stressed, your skin gets stressed
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  • 03:51
    The Call by Matt Kennon
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  • 31:56
    EP 190: Good-Bye Germ Theory ("story time" solo podcast)
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  • 00:09
    Save 20% off when you use code: AMY20 at checkout
    3 views ▪ 8 hours ago
  • 01:23
    Kamala Harris Says Racism Causes Women To Die Of Child Birth
    27 views ▪ 3 days ago
  • 07:25
    Listen to the Sound of the Trumpet (Numbers 9-10)
    76 views ▪ 2 days ago
  • 1:10:00
    #Killstream: Weekender, Prince Philip Dies - PART 1 (Episode 820, 4/9/2021)
    56 views ▪ 6 days ago
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  • Those fucken cops can get fucked too!

  • That politician can get fucked like all the rest of them...

  • Thanks Dave -- You have fight in you Irish. Much respect.

  • Isn't the Isle of Man accepting daily boatloads of North Africans?

  • The Great Reset is happening just not the one the globalists planned.. World wide republics restored!

  • 16:26 Damn you Tik Tok.

    You've infected police officers all over the world.

  • 4:05 "When you have freedom, it is worth protecting"

    The one thing people forget exists, until it is taken away from them.

  • Dave, you are on point about how they are mocking and rubbing this in our faces. Last Saturday 1/30/2021 SNL monologue skit included an on-the-mouth kiss between guest host and cast member.. as the masked audience sat there like happy frogs. Not one mention of the absurd hypocrisy on display for all to see. The internet instead just buzzed about how 'hot' the kiss was... whether it one-upped the Madonna/Brittany kiss (as this was 2 men). And anyone out there might be triggered because, homophobia. Just complete mockery of the Covid new-normal lie.

    Last season, SNL abruptly cancelled a musical host, when his Instagram showed he had been partying during 'lockdown'. So, after significant time, shaming, public apology and groveling.. said performer redeemed himself and SNL welcomed him back on a later episode. So the public ritual complete, and the sheeple download more programming into their memory card brains.

  • One thing is for sure, these are golden years for governmental authorities -- if they are bullies. And they're all bullies.

  • ya - Do as we say, do this, then you can have freedom - your reward - FREEDOM for OBEYING

  • Just an ignorant American watching what is going on around the world and have been aware of what was going on from the outset who has familial roots that lead back to Ireland. I am curious, was the IRA completely wiped out root and stem or does it still exist in whispers and hidden cellars, and if so what do they think about what is going on.

  • Keep Free Speech Free

  • Economics defeats stupidity. Money runs out so does the flu.

  • Excellent work, Dave. Downloaded the video for offline archival and will be having my family watch it. Really appreciate how clean it was so I can review with my kids. Keep documenting and sharing the truth, and we'll keep spreading it. Things are grim, but we must relentlessly expose, expose, expose.

  • As and Irish descendant who was born and raised in the US. I now see first hand the similarities of liberal politicians who have ruled Ireland for so many years!! We (US) will have lost everything if they take our arms!!

  • Imagine a world populated with like minded you and me...bliss

  • Prepare for the end..... sadly

  • It's so painfully embarrassing. All of it. The fact that they dance all over the rights of our citizens and people, and the fact that the country tolerates it. What happened. It's things like this that make me want to abandon the country/border title of "Irish" and go beyond that, back in time to my actual people where I belong - Celtic.

  • Who would have thought the west would implode THIS fast.. I thought we had a few decades at least.

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