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tRuSt tHe sCiEnCe
Feb 10, 2021

Computing Forever

Computing Forever is a channel dedicated to politics, social commentary and technology. You'll...

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  • So glad to find you on GAB TV :)

  • I'm pretty done with this shit tbh. I don't know what action we need to take, or I guess we just get on the trains like good little drones? I only vaguely understood how people got brains this clean until recently, but jaysus if the last 10 years havent been an amazing display of complete surrender to propaganda and idiocy.

  • Stop your bloody truth spewing.

  • DAVE! You're on GAB! Nice.

  • COVID1984FEARdemic

  • Great to watch you on Gab

  • YouTube exile here. Great to see you here. Followed you on bitchute but it seems they’re under constant DDOS attack.

  • Good to see you upload to GAB TV.

    Too many cuck content creators holding onto legacy media.

  • SCAMdemic PLANdemic PCRdemic GLOBALVACCINEdemic with a 99.95% chance of survival.

  • There's so much contradiction to lockdown policies it's difficult to see the point (let's not forget WHO recommend against lockdowns). What's worst is the hysteria it evokes in the general populous, even people you'd consider as perfectly rational thinkers seem to be swallowing the BS. Guess you just have to shrug and move on otherwise dwelling on these issues will eat away and destroy your mental health. In short nobody fights back because there is a lack of understanding and they believe in the government and nothing we can do will change it - it will only change when things get really bad it affects everyone where it hurts (not sure where that is now).

  • And no one fights back. Not politicians, not leaders. We just let it happen.

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