Two-Tier Society, Vaccine passports & Psychological Manipulation
Jul 04, 2021

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  • The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction 🐚

  • I was just thinking about how (to my knowledge) no well known people in politics or entertainment have died from the CCP Virus.

  • Hear to rewatch and like πŸ‘

  • Resist the New World Order dictatorship. Prepare for the worst.

  • Like I have said in the past: 5G is not for you... it's for the devices to control you.

  • Total control!

  • Just like the Nazi state control. Give up your freedoms for just "living" which is still limited, because we're all a commodity for the ultra elites and they consider us as human goyim.

  • Billy Gates is the Devil!

  • Call me Logan, I'm on a run.

  • The truth is out there yet people don't want to listen and are deciding to be sheep. While everything else is getting fucked. We are heading to war regardless on where you stand in life.

  • MSM are a Cancer. The government ministers will do what they feel will get future votes... Loud mouth Nphet shout out with no care for business... they have predictions.... They have beliefs... NPHET running the country? There is a bad smell in Eire...

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