Variant Factories: The Next Phase is Now Unfolding
Jul 08, 2021

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  • The TSA has all those who fly to wear face diapers. Thus, for my trip in September, I shall be driving around 16 hours instead of flying. It might be longer and cost more, but I shall be breathing fresh air the whole way :)

  • So I finally signed up for Gab. Been silently watching for a while since I was banned from yt. Keep up the good work. I hope I can make some extra money. To throw some cash your way. Hoping.

  • I taught you where intelligent until you spoke about the yellow star those people that whore yellow star are probly overepresented in the ''Governement'' you should educate yourself more you're brainwashed too.

  • Their Back NAZISM not Communism

  • We must Unite against a Tyrannical Government as described in the Constitution and against these Graphene Oxide-based jabs to connect Humans to their new 5G system for maximum control if anyone lives with it in their bodies

  • If the vaccine was any good the vaccinated would not have anything to worry about morons

  • When it gets to Canada America is next in every stage of the Corp. plans

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