We’re at a Crossroads and It’s Now Or Never
Dec 21, 2021

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  • Why are therapeutics that have been available for over a year just becoming available in the spring(yeah right).

    People need to wake up to the fact that this shit is not ending until it is ended.

  • Notice how none of these bureaucrats take questions or meet with the general public. They hide behind cameras in fancy suites and fancy studios far far away from the people they rule over.

  • It looks like I'm about to lose my job coming January. First management promised me a promotion to head of my department. Then it was postponed to to lack of personnel. Now with the ''mandate'' I have to til January 7th to comply or face weekly testing or I'm gone. They can shove it! Six years I worked for these slimy fucks! Twelve hour days for 4 years. Just to work 50+ hours a week now. All this year they have added hours to our shifts. I not gonna quit they gonna have to fire my white ass.


  • Where is the IRA when you really need them?

  • Another politician who needs to be dragged out along with his family and publicly punished, ALL OF THEM. Need to put the FEAR OF GOD in politicians to realize, their children and their children's children blood will be required for their crimes.

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