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World Government And The New World Order
Apr 04, 2022

Computing Forever

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  • Maybe it's time to listen to Our Lady of Fatima πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ Viva Cristo Rey πŸ™

  • They're all still triggered by Trump.

  • Regular people just wanting to be left alone is "extremism" now.

  • Just say Jews and Zionists.

  • 12:52 This guy fucking gets it. Fuckin' nailed it.

  • Hopefully Trump will make a lasting impression on Klaus--an impression of a rope around his neck...

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  • The WEForum would never go for Communism (State Owns Everything), as they would lose all of THEIR property, so they are actually pitching Socialism (Rich Own Everything) to replace Capitalism (Thriving Middle Class), but, history is on our side, as Communism has failed (only North Korea, Cuba, China remain), and Socialism IS FAILING, e.g. EU !!!

  • For practical purposes, 'digital currency' already exists, as only ~2% of 'currency' in existence is covered by paper currency, the other ~98% already being 'digital' !!!

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