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Pro-Abortion Berkeley Law Professor has Meltdown after Sen. Hawley says, Men Cannot Get Pregnant
Jul 13, 2022


THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST HAS ALREADY BEGUN The 1st Seal (The White Horse) was opened when...



Confusion and perplexity are the curses God puts upon those who do not fear Him, who continually sink deeper and deeper into depravity. This state of confusion, IMO is nearing the final existence of those to whom it is reserved and from here the tendency will be to thrust towards great violence.

An excerpt from the original article linked below: This lunacy has been on full display ever since SCOTUS rendered its decision earlier this month, with unhinged activists engaging in depraved displays of celebration for the act of mutilating and killing unborn babies. Countless pro-abortion goons have swarmed Washington DC to show their support for the abysmal practice in addition to showing up at Justices’ private homes to intimidate them for daring to turn the decision back over to the states.

Unfortunately for the delusional leftist masses, the narrative peddlers at the top of the hierarchy cannot pin down a solid definition of what a woman even is, and therefore are having a difficult time deciding on the branding of their renewed pro-abortion crusade. If men – the same people who have been told to “shut up” and “keep your laws off our bodies” – can get pregnant, then is abortion no longer solely a women’s right to choose?

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