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What GRAPHENE Oxide & NANOTECH Have To Do With 5G [KLA LA QUINTA COLUMNA In Depth Review] PT. 02
Jun 28, 2022


THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST HAS ALREADY BEGUN The 1st Seal (The White Horse) was opened when...



Part 1 & Part 2 both have English voice translation Interview on German TV Everyone must see both (Part 1 FIRST), then, this video (Part 2)

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  • Graphene nanotubes filled with radioactive nanodust and graphene embedded with photo sensor array can do a lot of exotic things include my nano surveillance and nano poisoning.

    The nanodust when inhaled or ingested ultimately accumulates in the brain causing severe aneurysm & cancer. israel & deepstate developed radioactive nanodust that can be remotely sprayed or beamed towards targeted victims using WiFi RF.

    McCain died of brain problems. So did Ted Kennedy. What do think has caused severe brain aneurysm in JB.

    israel & deepstate actors, overwhelmingly hailing from poland & ukraine, also been helping zelensky with nano surveillance on Kremlin & Russian troops.

    Guess what really caused covid-19. All smartphones got nanodust of depleted uranium embedded into nanotubes that are coated on the glass cover & lens cover which are ejected as nanospray or nanobeam when RF is applied.

    biolabs in ukraine & covid then πŸ’ p-x. What's the connection: covid vaccine induces AIDS which makes the human body vulnerable to infections. Artificially engineered viruses including πŸ’ p-x can easily infect and spread among the vaccinated people.

    Officer [email protected] of Windsor police ontario knows the polish couple in green van who identified him as an nsa button pusher aka radioactive nanodust terrorists who may more stories to tell you.

    [email protected] [email protected] who murdered Dave Simmons & was accessory to causing Jack Layton's untimely death. You need to extract the facts out of them [email protected]@l1a y0urk3v1c toronto hrexec accessory to human experiments w/ radioactive nanodust in Markham

  • Everything I have seen fits with everything I have heard about electronic systems and biometrics and all the vaccine data and patent records. It all fits in these two parts.

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