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2014 Video: Obama Says There Will Be a Deadly Airborne Virus in America Very Soon
Jun 06, 2021

David Kirkland Jr

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  • The truth leaks out

  • O and Fauci both referred to a soon-to-be pandemic. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

  • Barry was butt raped as a child,he is damaged stock And yes,I have no compassion for him at all

  • FIVE YEARS from now (end of 2019). Hmmmm...

  • So WHY did Obama let our supplies of ventilators and PPE dwindle if he believed this was going to happen???

  • No way in HELL this was not Planned out to happen and right in the Election Yr. Like Trump Hate Trump but these Ass Hole POS in Washington knew that 4 more yrs of TRUMP would take them Down,, if you don't understand that Well Drink some more of that Kool-Aid.

  • And they say they are all Blood Related so all I can say to that there must be a - in the woodpile somewhere and these are the ones to teach our children right from wrong or good from evil and as these insest freaks run the world anyone would follow speaks to their insanity

  • So... They've been planning this since the Obama times?

  • Squeeze my lemons that prick from China New Network trying to PROPAGANDIZE what KENYAN man knew and did with KEEBLER ELF FAUCI

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