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Breaking Video: Newly Leaked Hunter Biden Laptop Video Shows Hunter Smoking Crack While Arguing With Dead Brother's Widow (Hunter's Girlfriend)
Jul 25, 2021

David Kirkland Jr

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  • When do we hang these beasts , Graphene is a Toxin and a primary ingredients in the so called vaccine , prepare the mill stones ...

  • He raped a child and no one cares

  • What's so eerie about the footage, is that it looks like one of those videos before the suicide.... COUGH!!!(Clinton)

  • Let me just get a hit bwhahahahaha. This is a tv script.

  • "We should schedule a visitnn. W the therapist..." WOW...imagine what that therapist knows!

  • they are worrying about a flu Virus when we have crack and heroin epidemic worst problem, then you have this maniac spoil rich kid using his daddy government check to get high of crack... CLASSIC USA!!!

  • Crack heads are pure scum. Biden's are scum.

    America is doomed without an uprising against the domestic enemies destroying America.

    America needs a revolution to wipe out the swamp that Trump failed to do cause Trump is controlled opposition

  • Well I guess dad will be heading back down to the basement.

  • Yet the freak show still walks free!

  • Wow... Every other country must be laughing their asses off at this clown show.

  • Smoking crack AT 9:00 AM in the morning. Start your day right!

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