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A Pandemic of lies
Nov 24, 2021

David Vance

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Let's compare two stories. In The Guardian, a Professor claims that this is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Meanwhile, over at Daily Expose, and using the Government's own data, it is clear that the majority of hospital deaths are amongst the jabbed. How can this be?

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  • Good info David. Here in the Netherlands, public health minister Hugo de Jonge (aka kakkerlak/coke junkie) was blathering about an 'epidemic of the unvaccinated' last month. At a recent press conference he was literally blaming the unvaccinated for people dying, including cancer patients who had died because of delayed treatment. Even though he himself is the one to blame since he failed to scale up capacity at the hospitals!

  • The whole thing is a gigantic deception by authoritarians who are set on controlling people coercively, coercive control is actually a criminal offence but clearly not when so-called 'authorities' do it. Governments make the law but don't believe they have to live by it. Covid-19 or Coronavirus is a PLANNEDEMIC, a scam to gain control of the people by deception and a fear factor.

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