Jan 07, 2022

David Vance

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Some good news! The case brought against Asher's Bakery to "bake the gay cake" by a gay activist was dismissed by the UK Supreme Court and now the appeal was rejected by the ECHR.

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  • Legalize same sex unions, but outlaw, by pain of death, homopervertery. Not that we would need to research homo marriage licenses to track down all the offender, some though might not try to be such easily6 seen flamers.

  • libtards: Th3y are a private corporation th3y can do what th3y want! Unless its a gay cake, bake penis my cake bigot!

  • Note: A baker is willing to bake the same cake for a homosexual as anyone else. But, the baker isn't willing to create a LGBQ message and art on that cake. The ever hateful and intolerant left doesn't care that the baker, minding his own business, treats everyone the same, because that's not they want.

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  • Whats happened to freedom ? ? "Stay-Tuned" GAB

  • As an older gay man myself, I’m totally sickened and disgusted by the hypocritical satanic globalist LGBT agenda, about which LGBT communist and marxist infiltration I was warned by older gay men in my teens in the 1980’s - in fact, I faced the greatest levels of prejudice and discrimination from (within) the LGBT “community” (demonic and satanic cult) because of my traditional working class rural Irish Catholic background - and I cut all ties with them 10 years ago after they started targeting primary school children without parents consent nor knowledge in teaching them all about gay sex in Irish Primary Schools, banning the teaching of history and religion in schools, even teaching kids to worship Satan

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