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British GP ”You MUST take the jab or be fined”
Nov 24, 2021

David Vance

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The tyranny grows. I read an article by an English GP insisting that we follow Austria and bring in mandatory jabs and fine anyone who won't go along with this. Spoiler alert - this article was in the Daily Mail, a newspaper that supported Hitler in the 1930's so I suppose we should not be surprised?

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  • Boris said himself the vaccines dont work, so theres no point in having them, what about people who have high blood pressure like my brother whos not had vaccines i said tell him if he tells him to get vaccinated that it puts his health at risk further with sideaffects that many have had or even died!

  • The inmates have taken over the psychiatric hospital! This "doctor" is fucking insane!

  • All the conspiring traitors pushing the evil clot shots on us need to be hung high by mobs of us. Unite and prepare everyone you can.

  • ABBA father told us The life is in the blood 🩸 His son the lamb is the way the truth & the life The saints say there is power in the blood of Yah If your his child & the life lives inside you the greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world 🌎 Rom 12:2 do not conform unto the world… The prince of the Air is the prince of the world you can’t serve both Yah & Satan Love & light of the lamb John 3:16 believe seek baptism & renewal John 14:27 1 John 4:4 Mark 16:16 Luke 12:2 Luke 12:32 Eph 6-10-20 Live forever Ahman HalleluYAH Quanna El Kanna Yah is jireh Yah is our mekodishkem

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